Thursday, May 27, 2010

Community Spotlight 7

Great news, my surprise is ready. Do you see the drawing of the man reading a big book to the cat on the end of his shoe? That is the door to our own private room, here in the coffee shop. Clicking on it will pop you into The Emerging Writer Reading Room.

I read a blog by John Smolens (director of Northern Michigan University's Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program and acclaimed writer) in which he used the term "emerging writers" about his students. The term is so descriptive of all writers that it caught my eye. We all emerge from the present level to another – aspiring writer to apprentice, apprentice to professional, professional to master of the craft.

The phrase worked well with the idea I was kicking around in my head. I decided to create a place in our community to celebrate the skillful persistence of our members to write and publish a book. It displays the nonfiction work published by the members of our community on a separate blog page.

Here's the way it works. Anyone who follows Calling All Aspiring Writers of Nonfiction Books can copy the template on The Emerging Writer Reading Room, fill it out, and send it (along with a file containing a picture of the front cover) to me at lynndaell[at]live[dot]com. Your book will have center stage for a minimum of one week. After that, the front cover will move to the column on the left. It will stay in the left column as long as the blog is active. So what are you waiting for? Send me your info ASAP!


Now that I've got my surprise delivered, I want to introduce more new members.

Meet Debra7000. She has a flashy blog space on the internet. With five sons, a grandson and a full-time job, she still finds time to blog occasionally. We're glad you found time to join us, Debra.

Elaine Fields Smith is one of the writers who has taken the self-publishing route. You can learn something about her creative narrative nonfiction book at Ridin' Around. That's also the name of the book. I'll look for an email from you, soon, Elaine so that we can display your book in The Emerging Writer Reading Room.

Let me introduce F. B. Comito. She lives in Nebraska and has two sons. I was unable to learn more about her. Fbcomito, maybe you can tell us more about yourself in a comment.

Phoebe King (aka Bizlady08) is an accomplished freelance writer, editor, and project manager. She works in the greater Chicago area and has a web site named The Grateful Grebe™. Phoebe's passion is keeping up with the latest social media developments, online behavior and trends. Maybe you could write something for our community on the latest social media trends, Phoebe.

The only thing I know about Doris is that she has a beautiful smile. (Her picture is on the top row, second from the left.) Doris, would you please tell us something about yourself in the comments?

The last introduction for the day is Cari from Bismarck, North Dakota. She blogs at Faith's Mom's Blog where you can share her joys and other experiences of raising a special needs daughter. I really enjoyed your spa day account, Cari.

It's time for me to post this article and write up the information on my own book, Changing Me, Change the World.

Keep writing!


Barbara said...

Hi, my name is actually Barbara Comito, and I have four children -- two boys (college age) and two girls still at home. I am the staff writer at the Union Gospel Mission in Spokane, Washington. I write monthly newsletter articles on the men, women and children we serve in our shelters and recovery programs ( I also write grants and lots and lots of thank-you letters. Additionally, I have a blog, "Following Oswald" ( a spiritual pilgrimage in which I am working my way day-by-day through Oswald Chamber's "My Utmost for His Highest."

I'm married to a chef, and I am an aspiring (or emerging) writer of non-fiction. Thanks for letting me introduce myself.

Lynnda - Passionate for the Glory of God said...

Thanks, Barbara, for the introduction.
I think your blog on sharing your spiritual pligrimage through Oswald Chambers' book is a neat idea. I'll pop over and see how far you've gotten after I finish here.

Be blessed,


Doris Gallan said...

I'm the long-lost Doris who found this blog through the Aspiring Writers group on LinkedIn.

Currently living in China, I'm writing a book to help baby boomers travel more often, to more place and for less money.

I'm originally from northern Ontario but lived in many parts of Canada, then lived in the Los Angeles area for 8 years.

In 2006, my husband and I quit our corporate careers, sold our house and everything we owned and began a 26-month, 40 country round the world trip. Since ending that trip in June 2008, we've lived in Mexico, Costa Rica and now, in China.

You can check out my daily travel tips and two blogs (Baby Boomers Traveling & This ExPat Life) at:

Hope to see you there,